H. William (Bill) Martin, Jr., M.D.

Jerry Poole

Administrative Assistant


The cost of the 45 min initial evaluation is $300. Every 45 min session after that is $200. If shorter sessions are deemed reasonable, they are $150 for 30 mins. and $100 for 15 mins; usually these shorter sessions are medication sessions.  Phone, Skype and FaceTime appointments are possible. There is a $35 charge per RX for replacing lost perscriptions during business hours and $50 per RX after hours. Don't lose them!

All sessions should be paid at the time of the visit. 

Dr. Martin accepts checks, cash and credit cards (visa, master card and amex.). We do not file any insurance but you will be given a “walk out” statement that is insurance ready, ready to be sent to your insurance company. Any monies from the insurance company should come to you, not Dr. Martin, as you have already paid for the service. He does not accept Medicare. 


We all goof and forget. But Dr. Martin has to have some guidelines to run his practice.

Very importantly, you should understand that there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Dr. Martin reserves a time for you in his schedule. If you need to cancel for ANY reason within that 24 hours ( two exceptions below), you will be responsible for the cost of that session. Be assured, we will make every effort to fill that time with other appointments to avoid you being charged for that time and many times we can by using our wait list

Psychiatrists schedule blocks of  time. If someone doesn’t show up, he/she can’t see another patient. That time is lost.

There is no “first time” exceptions. There are two exceptions: if the patient is a child or adolescent and is ill, there is no charge....if there is a family tragedy, there is no charge. 

I know this can be an emotional and controversial subject. You are not being  blamed; it’s the structure of a business.

Intake Process

Call 404-252-3001 during the day and Jerry Poole, my administrative assistant, will do a brief intake. He will explain costs, directions, etc and then will set an appointment for you generally within a week. At times, appointments can come up quickly because of cancellations. Jerry will send you the evaluation forms either through the mail or you can obtain them  online. If there is no appointment available within the week, you will be put on a waiting list. Generally, getting in to see Dr. Martin is not a problem.